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Watch and take part in your favourite music videos

Here's a small selection of the music videos we've recreated live at out club night.

Want us to recreate your favourite video at our next event? Just suggest it on our facebook page  

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Every day I'm shufflin'!


We party rock our socks off and the audience invade the stage.

Everything You Never Had - BREACH

Double denim, 2 skeletons and an angel all bustin' the same, crazy moves!


Hey Ya! - Outkast

Shake it, sh ... sh ... sh ... shake it. 


Shake it like a polaroid picture!

California Gurls - KATY PERRY

Cake bras, donut bras, lollipop waistcoats and bubbles galore! 


This video is Sooooooo sweet!

Around The World - DAFT PUNK

Swimmers, mummies, skeletons and robots - all dancing Around The World ... Around The Wor-r-r-rld ... Around The World ... Around The Wor-r-r-rld ...


We recreate Michel Gondry's crazy masterpiece.

Praise You - FATBOY SLIM

The ORIGINAL flashmob!


It's time to wear tacky outfits and cheesy smiles as we recreate this Fatboy Slim classic, directed by Spike Jonze.


Back in the 80s this was the most expensive music video of all time.


We had a LOT smaller budget but had just as much fun with the audience recreating it.

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